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MJ Forster

I’ve been painting all my life and although I enjoy to paint and draw in many across many mediums and subjects its watercolour and particularly landscape that facinates me most.

Kickstarter July 2017

The second phase was a great success. I’ll be busy with the Autumn art fairs now so will complete in 2018.

The Gallery

I have just moved to a larger studio space in the market place in Hexham. Literally 1 minutes walk from the old gallery just to the right of The Edinburgh Woolen Mill. I’m on the 2nd floor just keep going up the stairs, so do come and visit if your in the area.

New work April 8th 2017

Here are six of my latest fractal watercolours. All of them are…

Fractals Spring 2017

These are huge watercolours 150 x 100cm. There based on 600…

New Book

Colour has always been a major interest of mine. The past few…

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What others say about Matt

Nicola Wilson

The moment I unwrapped my small original of birch trees I was totally in love. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever owned and brings me immense pleasure everyday.
I have absolutely no regrets with my purchase and plan to own more Matt Forster paintings in the future.

Nicola WilsonWatercolour
Heather Alabaster

The word ‘watercolour’ somehow implies a picture which is traditional, delicate, light and whimsical. To encounter a Matt Forster watercolour is altogether different. They are thoroughly contemporary, bold, and with total clarity of vision. Vividly graphic in their shades and tones, they still evoke a strong emotional sense in the viewer. These magical landscapes of unusual colours and simple shapes yet convey the absolute essence and feel of place. Stand back, marvel and be hooked!

Heather AlabasterWatercolour
Seth Ridley

I own one of Matt’s uberpaintings and it is superb. If you want a quality landscapepainting then I’d highly recommend speaking to Matt or checking out his website www.mjforster.com

Seth RidleyUberpainting
Stu Kent

Love my 2 prints I bought. Look great on the wall.

Stu KentPrint