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Colour has always been a major interest of mine. The past few months I’ve been working on the concept of colour contrast based around a simple 12 point colour wheel.

What you see below is a prototype 26 page book detailing the various colour combinations that can be achieved using a cube. Broadly using two methods of application there are 48 possible combinations.

This is essentially a reference book for me. It really acts as the first significant step on my colour journey and will hopefully be the first of many. It all links to producing work such as this.

I would like to extend this concept  and produce a truly exceptional limited edition artist book of perhaps 50 or 100 books. This will detail my journey towards my fractal paintings. The cost is yet to be determined. At this stage I’m simply looking at expressions of interest. I’m making progress and will be launching a crowd funding campaign very soon.

So pop me an email to if you want to be updated.

I understand the presentation is crude here. Any text you see will not be on the book, I’m simply adding some explanation. The book is simply visual solutions to problems in it’s self creating further questions to be explored. No text is needed.


pages 1&2-colours.


Pages 3 and 4, examples of potential extended patterns


Pages 4 &5, the two different methods. In each corresponding square the colours have been applied in the same order.


pages 6-13 detail the first 24 cubes








Pages 14-17, the breakdown of the areas covered with each wash.




Pages 18-26 detail the next 24 cubes using the second method of application








Have alook at this link for some of my initial work in January.

The information within this book has already lead me onto some larger finished work. Follow this link for one such example


To be continued.

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