Aerosol Paintings

Here are 12 of my very latest paintings. They are all painted with black aerosol paint on watercolour paper. There are a number of techniques I’m experimenting with to mask certain areas out. It’s all about being patient and accurate.

What I’m looking to highlight is simple contrast. Making (as with watercolour) the white of the paper look different depending on the tone it’s placed next to. Optical illusions abound.

The paint has a very powdered, grain like texture that becomes more or less prevalent depending on the type of paper I’ve used.

They are all available signed and delivered unframed. I’m negotiable on price so feel free to email me at or it may be best to DM me back on twitter.



1  20 x 20cm


2  36 x 36 cm


3   36 x 36 cm


4  36 x 36 cm


5   36 x 36 cm


6  20 x 20 cm


7   20 x 20 cm


8  36 x 36 cm


9  36 x 36cm

10  36 x 36 cm


11   36 x 36 cm 


12  36 x 36 cm 

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