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Large Watercolours

I’ll entertain offers on any of the featured original watercolours featured below.  All the paintings are  roughly 22 x 30 inches so quite large. Painted in a a variety of styles they are all preparatory pieces in my pursuit of the perfect image. I can sign and deliver for free, the framing will have to […]


I’ll entertain offers on any of my new shark original watercolours featured below.  They are all preparatory pieces in my pursuit of the perfect image. I can sign and deliver for free,  (to the USA as well) the framing will have to be at your end. All of this work is from 2016 The best […]

Book Covers

I’ve received so much interest on twitter from authors who are interested in using my paintings in relation to my work; I thought I’d just write out a quick post to explain how this can work. Firstly all my paintings are original and mainly in watercolour. For a brief history have a look at my […]

Twitter £100 Traditional

For the sake of repetition I thought that the best way to continue this unique offer was to post a permanent selection for you twitter collectors. Simply DM me the number of the painting you would like. If you have just come across the Twitter £100 offer it’s a simple way to introduce you to […]

Forgotten Felt Tips 2005

Occasionally I get around to sorting through the various piles of old work I have here in my studio in Hexham. Here are some large scale felt tip studies from 2005. They are all roughly 105 x 75cm so really quite large. If you are interested in any of them I’ll entertain offers. The price […]

Strip Cuts

The past two weeks has seen me reworking a theme I keep returning to. These paintings are all taken from an initial painting similar to this one below. Essentially I apply 3 washes The first covers the entire paper and may change in tone or colour, or even both. So yellow adding blue to green […]

Black and Whites from 2003

    When I returned from New Zealand in 2003 these were among the first paintings I completed. I had been using black and white emulsion paint you can read in more detail about this in my retrospective book http://mjforster.com/retrospective-book/  I was never able to find the same sort of paint I had been using down […]

Rearranged Watercolours

So the idea of altering an existing image by dismantling it and rearranging it has always been a fascination. I’ve recently returned to this. The first image 50 x 70cm is achieved by 15mm strips then moved vertically in an undulating 3 strip pattern. These first 5 paintings are all mountain images. The second painting […]

From Bananas to Dolphanas

So In late may I decided to go back and try some still life work out painting from observation in the Studio. I started with bananas always a great subject with watercolour. All the paintings featured here are original watercolours at 22 x 30 inches. It didn’t take me long to start playing around with […]

My Latest Abstract Work April 2016

A small sample of some of my very latest Abstract work. To view the full gallery follow this link http://mjforster.com/abstract-gallery/ I’ve also made a short video for a more detailed view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RT-OSjnNd4