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I’ve received so much interest on twitter from authors who are interested in using my paintings in relation to my work; I thought I’d just write out a quick post to explain how this can work.

Firstly all my paintings are original and mainly in watercolour. For a brief history have a look at my retrospective book

There are some images at below that provide an even shorter synopsis.

So essentially for those of you who are self publishing it’s simply a question of negotiating a price for the painting. It’s always good to see the author with ownership of the work so you would receive the original you choose and the rights to use it on the initial run of your first edition.

If the book is successful and goes into a larger print run on an additional edition we would need to work out a commission per copy for using the same image again.  It’s all to be discussed, I’m sure I can help out.  Any questions just email me at


A couple of samples here


B 4


Jan 20 4


d 15 10


Original Watercolour 50 x 70 cm £1,450


Nude 12 Original pencil Drawing 600x 800mm £2,850 framed and delivered UK


The WesternIsles 4 (Large), Original Watercolour 500 x 700mm £2,750 framed and delivered UK


Über Mushrooms 2 1,000 x 700mm £4,500 Here similar to the gravestones we have a rare foray into a more micro subject. The difficulty is that each mushroom is similar yet needs to be individual. So the design stage is about searching for a pattern that isn’t quite a pattern, a rhythm that is just off beat. Once I’ve worked it out it seems easy, it just takes time and perseverance. It’s the play of light, the shadow cast by one mushroom to the next that is the hardest part. This is an area of work that has huge poten


Dos Pinturas 5 880 x 620mm Pastel on paper £4,800





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