Colour Acrylics May 2019

These paintings are all acrylic on board. It has taken me a while to develop the technique that offers such a high level of precision. It’s not without it’s restrictions however it has the potential to be painted on a very large scale something  I hope to do in future.

Excuse the colour descriptions I’ve kept them basic in reality they are in my mind a little more complex.

I have displayed them here in either portrait or landscape format. They are currently unsigned so in theory the orientation is optional.


In the first painting below I have taken an orange yellow and a deep blue tinged with purple as the constant colours.  Then moving from the top right to the bottom left corner I’ve moved from yellow through green towards a blue.

  1. 60 x 80cm




In the second painting I started with a green yellow and two shades of green as the base set of colours. i then contrasted this with a purple moving towards blue horizontally from top to bottom. An interesting trait of all this work is the horizontal and vertical lines that appear as an illusion.

2) 60 x 80cm




The third and fourth paintings are a totally different concept. In the third I’ve taken a pale blue and a deep red orange as the two base colours. in various ways I have sequentially contrasted light oranges and yellows alongside purples and blues.

3) 60 x 100 cm




Finally here a base of light green and harmonic yellow together s the two constant colours. I’ve then slid from a blue right through purple to a deep purple red in a sequence. You will have to just keep looking to see the pattern.

4) 60 x 100 cm



Below is a picture of the first painting hung in it’s “raw” state. Obviously a simple frame, no glass required would really make them look fantastic.



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