I’ve always loved painting doors, the colours, the light and shade. It was while developing this work that I began to embrace my use of strong light. A heavy contrast certainly adds drama and strength to a painting. I began to use shadow to pick up a lot more than light and shade, I almost began to draw with it.

These doorways while originating from  a direct observation are truly fantastical. One of the aspects I like the most with this and most of my work is the options available in terms of swapping and contrasting colours. Why is it that some colour combinations can be perceived in so many different ways. I’m not just looking at obvious symbolism but more emotional personal instinctive connections; surely that’s what drives us all to like certain paintings.

As with a lot of my work shadows are vital. Any shadow with a straight edge will give the consistency to pick out and describe irregular fluctuations of any surface it passes over. This simple idea can be incredibly complex to put into practice. It’s a really key construct within my painting and one I’m keen to develop.

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