Fractals Spring 2017

These are huge watercolours 150 x 100cm.

There based on 600 5cm square cubes.

Completed in 12 colours based on this colour wheel

They are completed in three stages, the first set here is the 4 colours in the red/orange spectrum.

The second stage adds the 4 colours in the yellow/green spectrum

Finally the final 4 colours in the blue/purple spectrum.



Here is the second in what will be a series of three. The first primary set of colour was in the blue/purple, the second across the yellow/green.

Here is a close up

The finished piece once I’ve added the red/orange section


Here is the final painting in the set of 3. This time starting with the yellow/green spectrum. The first stage is below


Then I’ve added stage 2 the red/orange spectrum

A close up..


Finally stage 3 the blue/purple spectrum

A close up

These are £4,500 unframed. Email me at to discuss.

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