From Bananas to Dolphanas

In late May 2016 I decided to go back and try some still life work out painting from observation in the Studio. I started with bananas always a great subject with watercolour.

All the paintings featured here are original watercolours at 22 x 30 inches. It didn’t take me long to start playing around with the imposition of the banana leaves both with the shadow’s and in the plaster work, a technique I’ve used for years now, great fun to play around with.

D 1

I continued to develop and understand the subject. It was the placement of a one of the bruises on the central banana in the painting below that gave me the idea of the Dolphins.

D 2

By this time my bananas were aging a little so they were developing more markings. I added the tails and the Dolphana was born.

D 3

It seemed a natural progression to place them into a bowl. It struck me right away that the table cloth could look more like water and the bowl became boat.

D 4

Another natural progression was the introduction of the apple as a play thing, it takes the concept onto a very different level.

D 5

By this time the construction of the drawing was becoming ever more complex. To identify every shape in watercolour is very hard every line has to count.

D 7

I’ve called it a day at this point, it’s been great fun. All of this work is available, feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

D 8

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