My Paint Tube Project

Hi, I’ve a really exciting project going on. However I need your help.  I’m not exactly sure where this is going yet although it’s essentially going to be about me creating a work of art or a painting using the empty tubes of paint I paint with.

SO what I need is empty, old or redundant tubes of Windsor&Newton watercolour paint. It needs to be the artists quality.  These paints tubes come in three sizes 5ml 14ml and 37ml, the most common being the smallest however all sizes and colours are welcome. It doesn’t matter what state they are in as long as they have the lid on.

Obviously I’m prepared to pay postage. So just send your name and address in with the paints and I’ll return the postage. I’d also like to acknowledge all contributors when the final piece is shown . Think of it as a group project. This could be ongoing and is very exciting. many thanks to all those of you who have been in touch so far.

So please email me at if you have any or know anyone that does 🙂 Windsor&Newton Artists WatercoloursPaint Tubes

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