New Acrylics May 2019

These paintings are all acrylic on board. It has taken me a while to develop the technique that offers such a high level of precision. It’s not without it’s restrictions however it has the potential to be painted on a very large scale something  I hope to do in future.

Excuse the colour descriptions I’ve kept them basic in reality they are in my mind a little more complex.

In the first painting I have taken an slightly orange yellow and alongside a blue tinted with green as two constant colours. Then from the top left of the painting to the bottom right I have moved the original yellow through green toward the original blue.


In the second painting I have from top to bottom moved a blue to purple and an orange through to a red. Then from left to right a yellow to a green.


The third painting is dominated a deep cadmium red with just a touch of blue coupled with a deep blue biased toward purple. These two colours are kept constant while I have moved a yellow from the top right towards the bottom left of the painting towards green.



Finally a constant cobalt blue with a directly contrasting mid orange as two constant colours. Taking a yellow centrally and diagonally from top right to bottom left. I moved it towards  green in the top right corner and towards orange in the bottom left.



An interesting trait of all this work is the horizontal and vertical lines that appear as an illusion. I assume this is the brain counterbalancing the effect of the white diagonal highlights.

Below are some more informal photographs.











Here is a picture of a hung painting in it’s “raw” unframed state. Obviously a frame (no glass required) would make them look fantastic.


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