New Uberpainting- Down To The Sea

After all the experimental painting recently I’ve reverted to designing a new Uberpainting.  It’s a coastal scene I’ve had in mind for some time now and I’m pleased with the results.

There are two images here, both are a fair way down the process of developing this work. The first below is one that I made a short 2 minute video of me painting it. Have a look as it’s an eye opener into the techniques involved. It looks very simple but is anything but.

Down To The Sea 1

The second image here is much closer to the final finished painting. This will be painted roughly twice the size and will feature at Art Fair East in Norwich next month for £3,250. Both of these paintings are 50 x 70 cm. Any questions or to viw more work email me at


There is no reserve, the highest bid will win, best of luck.


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