Paper Cuts March 2015

This is a completely new set of work for me, all in watercolour. Essentially I’m cutting a double image and either splicing two images together or superimposing or superimposing an “off cut” on top of a further wash.  In the case of the green banana leaves you can clearly see the three options that can be made from a single cut.

Elephant 1

This is the negative/white part of the cut placed on top of a graded neutral wash. The other two parts of this painting are showing at The Other Art Fair in Bloomsbury later in April.

1 Elephant 46 x 66cm £950 framed UK SOLD

Ban 1

This is Banana Leaves, the next three paintings are the same size at 50 x 70cm and are all from the same cut. This is the dark cut on a light wash

1 Banana leaves 50 x 70cm £1,250 framed UK


Ban 2

This (above) is the second banana Leaves is  the Light cut placed on top of a darker wash.

2 Original Watercolour £1,250 framed UK

ban 1

This (above) is the two positive and negative cuts spliced together, the hardest image to make.

3 Original Watercolour £1,650 framed UK


ban 4

This is a  spliced image in neutral tones of a further more complex image.

Original Watercolour  50 x 70 cm £1,750 framed UK

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