Twitter £125 Traditional

For the sake of repetition I thought that the best way to continue this unique offer was to post a permanent selection for you twitter collectors. Simply DM me the number of the painting you would like.

If you have just come across the Twitter £125 offer it’s a simple way to introduce you to an opportunity of starting a collection of my original work. These are all original watercolours and represent my initial preparatory work which will eventually lead to the larger and far more expensive work featured on other parts of this website.

Broadly speaking the images either in landscape or portrait format are approximately 12 x 9 inches or 320 x 220m. When mounted and framed the total external size is again roughly 14 x 18 inches or 350  x 480mm.

They all come framed and delivered in a wooden frame painted a gun metal grey with a deep cut mount which really sets of all my work.

If you would like one simply DM me back on twitter or email me at with your choice and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



t 100 30


2t 100 31


3t 100 29


4t 100 28


5t 100 25




t 100 17



t 100 16



t 100 15


15t 100 13


16t 100 33


17t 100 8


18t 100 9


19t 100 2


20t 100 18



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