Weaving With Water Colour March 2015

This set of work represents some of the new experimentation in colour and tone. I’ve been weaving together two separate watercolour paintings. Below is one of the first paintings. I painted a semi abstract image onto two separate pieces of paper then wove them together. You can just make out the two images.

Original Watercolour 50 x 70 cm £1,450 framed UK

Lines 1

I then took two graded colour washes and did exactly the same thing. I chose the colours and tones to contrast in different ways.

Original watercolour £1,250 framed UK

Lines 5


This painting I placed variations on the width of the cuts. Viewed at an angle a bell curve appears. With all this work, they are at a perfect 90 degree angle, hard to reproduce here. There are minor errors in presentation that can only be addressed during the framing and final presentation.

Original Watercolour 50 x 70 cm £1,850 Framed UK

Lines 1

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