New “Floating” Abstracts Dec 2017

This is an idea I keep on coming back to. the paintings are painted in two phases. The first image is an original watercolour. On some occasions a recognisable image, or a geometric or even abstract work.

I’ll be showing these in London in a few weeks at the Works On Paper Fair I have limited free tickets so email me at if you would like one. Worth £16 they admit two people for the duration of the fair.

The second part of the painting involves applying a layer of both white and black paint. The way this is done is complex, to a degree unpredictable and the success rate is variable.

All of these paintings are broadly 50 x 70cm and I’m open to discuss pricing. The painting would be signed and delivered unframed within this price. Either email me at or DM me back on twitter.









The next 2 are all smaller at roughly 32 x 46cm






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