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November 23rd Paintings

Here are the six paintings featured on the newsletter. The actual image sizes are 32 x 42 cm. All come signed and framed with free delivery for £150. To reserve your choice email me at info@mjforster.com    1 2 3 4 SOLD 5 6    

Twitter £100

All of the 7 original watercolours featured are 22 x 32cm (actual image) They are available framed and delivered for £100 DM me back on twitter with your choice.   Matt 1      2    3 4   5    6   7       

Abstract Fusion

All of these 6 Mixed Media paintings (watercolours and acrylic) are original and measure 50 x 70cm. They are available here signed and delivered within whatever price you are willing to pay for them. Simply email me at info@mjforster.com by 10 am GMT on Monday the 17th of September. There is no reserve on the […]

My Latest Abstracts

Hi, glad you made it through from twitter, I’ll keep it simple. All of these 6 original watercolours measure 50 x 70cm. They are available here signed and delivered. Either DM me back on twitter with the painting number or email me at info@mjforster.com to discuss further. I will respond as soon as I can. 1 2 […]

Colour Contrast June 2018

Here are a series of six colour studies painted in watercolour. Essentially they are a compacted representation of what can be achieved using a very primitive set of colour mixes revolving around the basic six  primary and tertiary colours. Although there are 6 paintings, in theory each square could be interpreted as a separate painting […]

Aerosol Paintings

Here are 12 of my very latest paintings. They are all painted with black aerosol paint on watercolour paper. There are a number of techniques I’m experimenting with to mask certain areas out. It’s all about being patient and accurate. What I’m looking to highlight is simple contrast. Making (as with watercolour) the white of […]

Squares And Spheres

Here is a story in pictures about how may latest work has developed. They vary in size from 50 x 70 cm to 35 x 50. It’s all based on using directly opposing colours in a slightly less structured way than my cube work from 2017. I’ve not included every painting on the journey just […]