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Colour Contrast June 2017

Here are 5 of my very latest colour contrast watercolour paintings. All are 70 x 90 cm and are available for £2,250 framed and delivered UK. Any questions email me at info@mjforster.com I’ve kickstarter campaign on this work that is running now as I’m producing a new book around them, follow this link for more […]

KS Rewards Small Cubes £25

Well done you have found the link to reward number 1 All of these are original watercolours. they are approximatly 200 x 300mm each. All will come delivered signed. To reserve the cube of your choice simply email me at info@mjforster.com and I’ll mark it as yours. If you can put down a second choice […]

New work April 8th 2017

Here are six of my latest fractal watercolours. All of them are completed in three different stages and originate entirely from primary colour. All are original and are 50 x 70cm. email me at info@mjforster.com for more information 1 Arrow. Stage 1 always starting from the centre yellow to red. Stage 2 Blue to yellow […]

Fractals Spring 2017

These are huge watercolours 150 x 100cm. There based on 600 5cm square cubes. Completed in 12 colours based on this colour wheel They are completed in three stages, the first set here is the 4 colours in the red/orange spectrum. The second stage adds the 4 colours in the yellow/green spectrum Finally the final […]

London Book Fair

I’m open to discussion regarding potential use of my original work for book covers and other forms of illustration. Have alook at a small sample of my work below. I’m also open to commissions. I’m at the fair on the Wednesday and the Thursday, my mobile is 07545 696 747. Any questions email me at […]

New Book

Colour has always been a major interest of mine. The past few months I’ve been working on the concept of colour contrast based around a simple 12 point colour wheel. What you see below is a prototype 26 page book detailing the various colour combinations that can be achieved using a cube. Broadly using two […]

Epic Colour contrast

A quick insight into the construction of this 100 x 165 cm original watercolour. It’s based on a cube constructed from a 5 cm grid. I’m using 12 colours essentially based on a simple 12 point colour wheel. Here they are mixed up in there glasses.       The entire piece is composed of […]

Durham 2017

I’m looking again at my painting of Durham. At some point I’ll complete a series of far larger work. These 4 paintings are all 22 x 30 inches and feature the cathedral from both a northern and southern aspect. Painted in a looser more traditional size this is an exploration into a potential project looking […]

New Large work February 2017

When I say new large work I mean in terms of it’s release onto this site. I’ll entertain offers on any of the featured original watercolours featured below.  All the paintings are  roughly 22 x 30 inches so quite large. Painted in a a variety of styles they are all preparatory pieces in my pursuit […]