Constructivism Continued

I’m still working on the division of space broadly through the use of Phi. here is a brief explanation on the development of one particular construct.

In the first image I have used a very simple symmetry dividing the drawing along two identical perspectives.

Below I experimented with introducing a circular form. The options here were too confusing, it’s something I’ll return too later. My primary search was more along the lines of colour and tone, not so much the development of the drawing.

So I returned to the original drawing exploring some complimentary colours and extending the division of space alongside the black and white (paper) there are 5 tones. (SOLD) 

Here I have introduced four colours moving from blue. Two towards blue/green and the other two towards blue/purple. I’m still looking at a symmetrical painting along the diagonal plain.

Similar to the painting above, four colours now move from red as a base moving toward orange and the other way towards purple. I also split the grey to a blue grey and a red grey. So now eight tones. I also changed the perspective of the marks on the two central rectangles to distinguish them.

Now I’m back to elaborating the drawing. With watercolour this is very experimental. there are instances where the painting dictates the direction. It’s a headache at times but there is slow making progress.


Have a look at the gallery below to see all the images involved. they are for sale signed and delivered unframed. Email me at if you would like one. The link to the preceding blog is here  


To be continued.



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