New work April 8th 2017

Here are six of my latest fractal watercolours. All of them are completed in three different stages and originate entirely from primary colour. All are original and are 50 x 70cm. email me at for more information

1 Arrow.

Stage 1 always starting from the centre yellow to red.

Stage 2 Blue to yellow


Stage 3 Red to yellow

This is the finished painting 22 x 30 inches.

In landscape format

2 Hexagon.

Stage 1 Blue to Red


Stage 2 Yellow to Blue


Stage 3 red to yellow

This is finished 22 x 30 inches

In portrait format

3 Triangle

Stage 1 red to yellow


I missed photographing stage 2 blue to red. This is the final stage yellow to blue.

Finished 22 x 30 inches

In landscape format

4 Diamond

Stage 1 Yellow to blue.

Stage 2 blue to red.

Stage 3 the finished painting, red to yellow

In Portrait format

5 Vertical Strips.

Stage 1  blue to red left to right


Stage 2 Yellow to blue left to right


Stage 3 the finished painting, red to yellow left to right

In Portrait format

6 Centralised Blue.

I missed photographing the first stage here. I centralised the blue and moved it to yellow at the left and red to the right.

Stage 2 I pulled the yellow towards blue to the left and then into orange and red to the right.



Stage 3 red to yellow from centre to left then red to blue from centre to right.

In portrait format

Note that the colours are coming across as a little garish, they are slightly more muted in reality.

If you have any questions about these original watercolours email me at

I’m making an artists book on this work to be released later this year. I’ll be crowd funding it. Again email me if you would like to sign up.

Have a look at this link for more detail 

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