Squares And Spheres

Here is a story in pictures about how may latest work has developed. They vary in size from 50 x 70 cm to 35 x 50.

It’s all based on using directly opposing colours in a slightly less structured way than my cube work from 2017.

I’ve not included every painting on the journey just a synopsis. So I started exploring some mark making.




3    Still using the white of the paper and grading the colour contrast.

4    I introduced further form with a cube and a light source to give dimension.

6     I moved to a more challenging sphere.


8     This was interesting but had too many variables. At this point  I’m still grading the colour contrast across the painting. Although I’ve now introduced shading before the colour is applied.

9    Here with the cube.




11    Two spheres, note how it’s the smaller one that pops out.


12    I worked out that with the smaller blue and orange sphere the reason it was so three dimensional was because the shadow was mixed with a blue and orange.

I repeated this theory with the 4 spheres below. The top left being the odd one out.







18   I’ve moved to a blue green against a red orange and varied the colour shape to more of a square

19 This is a larger painting using larger marks and a bigger brush. I have begun to experiment with landscape. This work has tremendous potential and most of the paintings above are very striking. For further information DM me on twitter or email me at info@mjforster.com.

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