In 2008 I slipped into a style of painting I called Überpainting. In a literal sense Über meaning over, over done, over layered, over the top. An Überpainting can only be painted in watercolour and in theory are similar to a silk screen print as they all comprise of successive layers paint each uniform in tone and colour.

An Überpainting is created within a restrictive frame work: I have a rule set that I work to. Some rules are imposed by the inherent restrictions of the medium it’s self others by me. This is what created the consistency appearance of the paintings despite the variation in subject. If I were to draw a comparison between painting and literature, Oil painting is the novel, watercolour is poetry, and Überpainting is like a Sonnet. So it’s out of this restriction that coupled with a consistent appearance a greater creativity emerges.

In an Überpainting every wash affects both the subsequent and the previous. It is impossible simply to paint a finished piece first time.

The various possibilities involved in four washes need to be eliminated throughout the process. This is achieved by making slight alterations from painting to painting until the final piece is settled. There are no short cuts to this process. It can take as many as 30 individual paintings to achieve some sort of finality.

Throughout this process I try out different ideas with the line and colour combinations. There is a point where the successful variations become multiple and the painting can morph from a certain point in a design into several different unique works. In theory it would be possible to paint a virtually continual Überpainting gradually altering the work into another subject each painting unique and complete in itself.

The idea behind my first project was to base the landscape work on the whole of the British Isles and in 2009 I put together a project called Über Britain. A lot of this work forms the basis of that idea, although I imagine Über Britain and my love of our amazing and diverse landscape will be a life’s work.

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